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Trikke Scooter

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Why settle for two-wheeled scooters when you can have three? The Trikke may look a little silly, with its oversized polyurethane wheels and its odd, swiveling action. But it's a serious scooter, made of aircraft-grade aluminum (at the same Chinese factory that manufactures the popular Razor scooter), and it offers exceptional stability and dependable, handlebar-mounted brakes. Trikkes are a surprise hit in Hollywood, where Jennifer Aniston, Timothy Hutton and David Spade have all been spotted riding on them.

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Which Trikke is right for me?

Wondering what Trikke will be right for you or for someone you are thinking of giving a Trikke to? Not to worry! We here at Trikke struggle with the same questions everyday because it appears that everyone --- young and old, big and small --- are riding all three Trikke models for every conceivable reason. The dilemna of choosing a Trikke is easily solved. Here's what we recommend:

TRIKKE 5 The Trikke 5 is designed for riders from 4 to 16 years of age. It's light enough for teens to do skatepark style tricks and more than stable enough for the little tikes to buzz around the driveway.

TRIKKE 8 The Trikke 8 is definitely designed for adults who want a fast smooth ride --- teens and up. For riders looking for some excercise, to do a few miles of riding, for transportation around town or to buzz across campus the Trikke 8 is definitely the model to have. for guys who are 6'2" and taller, try the Trikke 8 with the custom Chopper Handlebar Kit for the great cruiser ride and downhill carving.

TRIKKE 6 Price can be a consideration, so the Trikke 6 offers an affordable alternative to the Trikke 8. The Trikke 6 has the same frame size as the Trikke 8 to handle the weight and height of both teenage and adult riders, but it has 6 inch wheels, and it's 3 lbs. lighter. The six inch wheels also make it 3 inches lower to the ground than the Trikke 8. This means that freestyle riders can get higher in the air, and less limber older riders feel more comfortable with the shorter step up to the foot platforms. Though not quite as fast as the Trikke 8, he Trikke 6 is fun, manueverable, less expensive and closer to the ground.

At the end of the day we have adults who love the Trikke 5 and kids who prefer the Trikke 8, so who really knows. What we do know is that the larger the wheel, the fewer turns are necessary to maintain the same speed. This means that you have to carve back and forth more often on the Trikke 5 than the Trikke 6 and more on the Trikke 6 than the Trikke 8. It's like watching a Great Dane running along side a Dochshund.

Trikke 5 Scooter - New Version 3 Wheel Scooter
Original price: $179.99
Sale price: $99.95
Trikke 5 Scooter - 3 Wheel Scooter
Original price: $199.99
Sale price: $99.95
Trikke 6 Scooter - 3 Wheel Scooter
Original price: $249.99
Sale price: $169.95
Trikke 8 Scooter - 3 Wheel Scooter
Original price: $269.99
Sale price: $178.95 - Electric Scooter & Gas Scooter Super Store

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